Finance Minister Details G20 Indonesia 2022 Agenda for Boosting Shared Recovery

ADBI News Release | 24 November 2021

Tokyo, Japan – Indonesia Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati described Indonesia’s 2022 Group of 20 (G20) presidency priorities for reducing the risk of uneven post-COVID-19 economic recovery and promoting greater sustainable and inclusive growth across Asia and the Pacific and globally during an Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Featured Speaker Webinar.

Hosted by ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe, Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati noted that Indonesia will be the first of a succession of emerging economies to host the G20 and will work with G20 member countries, as well as institutions such as ADBI, to provide a platform and voice that benefits all under the theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger.”

She discussed how the G20 Indonesia 2022 agenda will support economic recovery via measures such as “safe” fiscal stimulus exit strategy, the realization of a more stable and fair international tax system, and improved economic productivity. She said Indonesia will also seek to enhance COVID-19 policy responses and preparedness for future pandemics, narrow digital divides, and facilitate ambitious climate change actions in all countries.

Key Quotes

Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Finance Minister, Indonesia

“Despite the current growth we are seeing in many parts of the world, the global economic recovery is uneven and remains subject to downside risk which is growing and significant. A potential global slowdown and rising inflation due to supply shock, as well as future global risks are challenges we must continue to manage and observe carefully. Vaccinations, which are also unequal across countries, can also reduce the risk of uneven recovery.”

“The Indonesia G20 presidency has chosen the theme, “Recover Together, Recover Stronger.”  The theme reflects our intention as well as objective to strengthen coordination and collaboration in economic and financial policy so that no country and no one is left behind on the path of recovery. This theme also reflects the importance of promoting productivity, resilience, and stability, and ensuring sustainable and inclusive growth.”

“The Indonesian G20 presidency is an important milestone as the beginning of G20 hosting by a succession of emerging countries. After Indonesia, it will be hosted by India, Brazil, and South Africa…We do hope it will provide a strong platform and voice for developing countries and emerging countries to be able to shape global policy.”

“We need to design regulation and policy, and even create incentives for the private sector to be able to address the issue of climate change. These are efforts that Indonesia is doing as a country and as a member of the global community. As G20 president, we will use this platform for us to collaborate and work together because, just like the pandemic, climate change cannot be addressed by one country.”

“I would like to extend the highest gratitude to ADB Institute for its continuous support for the region and well as for Indonesia and our G20 presidency. I am sure with ADBI’s active involvement to develop new evidence-based policies to help member countries face challenges, especially those due to COVID-19 and climate change, we will support sound policies and cooperation among countries to address critically important issues globally.