New ADBI E-Learning Course Explores AI, Risks, and Ways to Transform the World

ADBI News Release | 30 April 2024

Tokyo, Japan – ADBI has launched a new, free e-learning course that helps policy makers, researchers, and students gain foundational knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential for driving positive societal change.

Led by Dang Nguyen of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society, the course consists of three units that examine the historical and social context of the emergence of AI and the capabilities of the technologies and systems.

The first unit introduces the terminologies and practical uses including Generative AI and its applications. The second unit explores ethical concerns, risks, and the current approach to AI governance and regulation. The course concludes by highlighting examples of AI applications, including biodiversity conservation monitoring and flood forecasting.

The course can be accessed here.