New ADBI E-Learning Course Spotlights Demographic Transition Outlook

ADBI News Release | 13 July 2020

Tokyo, Japan – A new tuition-free, certificate-issuing ADBI E-Learning course examines rapid demographic change and its implications for economies and policy making in Asia and the Pacific and beyond, against the backdrop of COVID-19 and rising uncertainty.

Demographic Transition and its Impacts assesses aging population trends and socio-economic challenges, and offers policy recommendations. The course underscores the importance of going beyond conventional macroeconomic responses in the face of fast-changing conditions.

“Aging populations pose increasing risks to workforces, welfare systems, fiscal sustainability, and growth, compounded by factors such as accelerating digital divides and inequality,” said Pitchaya Sirivunnabood, an ADBI capacity building and training economist and the course leader.

“Timely structural reforms will be crucial to ensuring economic resilience and social protection as the number of seniors continues to rise, even among developing countries that still enjoy a youth dividend,” Sirivunnabood added. “COVID-19 further heightens the need for an aging policy rethink.”

The course describes priorities including new approaches to fiscal and monetary policy, as well as social security system development, financial innovation and cooperation, labor market reforms, and improving demographic data analysis.

It also discusses COVID-19 shocks and keys to addressing the vulnerabilities of diverse senior groups, including the adequate provision of healthcare, infection control protocols, and pensions and social protection.

The course is ideal for policy makers, researchers, students, and general learners seeking to better understand this host of pressing issues confronting Asia and the Pacific and the global community and how to tackle them more effectively into the future.

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Enhanced Course Certificates

Learners that complete this ADBI E-Learning course will earn a course completion certificate with a unique user ID to verify the certificate holder and QR code that provides information about the course.

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