New ADBI E-Learning Green Investments Course Offers Sustainable Recovery Guide

ADBI News Release | 3 June 2020

Tokyo, Japan – A new tuition-free, enhanced certificate-issuing ADBI E-Learning course on green investment instruments and incentives is now available. The course offers policy makers and general learners timely insights on bolstering clean energy and climate targets, as Asia and the world work to facilitate recovery from COVID-19 and energy market shocks.

“While COVID-19’s economic impacts and uncertainty in energy demand cast a shadow over the transition toward renewables and a decarbonized global economy, the potential for growth within the sector as recovery takes shape is significant,” said ADBI research fellow Dina Azhgaliyeva, the course’s lead instructor.

Green Investments: Renewable Energy examines global investment trends in renewables and private financing mechanisms. Among them include private financing sources such as venture capital and private equity; areas open to private capital like capacity investment and research and development funding; and public markets.

The course also explores governmental policies for incentivizing private investment that advances green growth and clean air targets to mitigate climate change. Among the fiscal measures spotlighted include feed-in tariffs, grants and subsidies, loans, and taxes.

“Greater private financing could help level the playing field between renewable energy and subsidy-backed fossil fuels, as well as foster innovation that addresses the intermittency of wind and solar power,” said ADBI Project Consultant Ranjeeta Mishra, who co-conducts the course. “Understanding options for promoting investment in renewables is critical,” she concluded.

Enhanced Course Certificates

Learners that complete this and other ADBI E-Learning courses will now earn course completion certificates with a unique user ID to verify the certificate holder and QR code that provides information about the course.

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