New Book Champions Fairer Land Use for More Inclusive Asian Growth

ADBI News Release | 07 January 2021

Tokyo, Japan – A new ADBI Press book examines land procurement challenges and policy solutions critical to meeting Asia and the Pacific’s growing demand for quality infrastructure that can support inclusive post-pandemic growth.

Co-edited by the University of Melbourne’s Piyush Tiwari, ADBI’s Grant B. Stillman, and Keio University’s Naoyuki Yoshino, Equitable Land Use for Asian Infrastructure describes hurdles to obtaining land posed by geography, settlement patterns, conflicting cultures, and unique country-level land use problems.

It goes on to identify novel land procurement approaches that could help the region balance the rights and interests of first peoples, informal settlers, and rural landowners with broader infrastructure development imperatives.

Equitable Land Use for Asian Infrastructure offers valuable guidance for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and others interested in Asian infrastructure growth and related social protection needs of vulnerable communities.

Co-Editor Quotes:

Piyush Tiwari, University of Melbourne

“Observing the rescheduling or delays of megaprojects, it became apparent that a comprehensive study for identifying equitable, efficient, and lasting solutions to procuring land for public purposes is critical for unlocking region’s economic potential.”

Grant B. Stillman, ADBI

“Law and financial engineering are not always going to be a complete substitute for trust. But, knowing they are there for everyone’s benefit and guaranteeing fairness is reassuring and ultimately indispensable as society becomes more sophisticated and diverse.”

Naoyuki Yoshino, Keio University

“Land is a critical resource for infrastructure development. It is a necessary input in an infrastructure project and can also be used to finance infrastructure.”