New Book Details Fintech’s Expanded Capacity to Build Inclusive Economies After COVID-19

ADBI News Release | 03 August 2022

Tokyo, Japan - A new ADBI Press book provides a deep-dive look at COVID-19 accelerated digital technology adoption in the financial sector and the role of financial technology (fintech) firms in supporting households and businesses during the crisis and beyond.

Fintech and COVID-19: Impacts, Challenges, and Policy Priorities for Asia features timely research on fintech developments in Asia and globally. It spotlights how they have cushioned consumers, businesses, and the macroeconomy from shocks and promoted economic inclusion.

Coedited by ADBI’s John Beirne, the Asian Development Bank’s James Villafuerte, and Bryan Zhang of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, the book describes structural policy changes needed to ensure an efficient fintech environment that minimizes risks to consumers and financial stability.

It also highlights the importance of digital infrastructure investment and digital financial education for maximizing fintech’s potential to boost economic opportunities for more people and sustainable development.

Fintech and COVID-19 offers policy makers, scholars, and others an insightful look at fintech’s growth and transformative implications for economies in Asia and beyond after the pandemic. It was discussed by the authors at a book launch held as part of the 2022 Singapore Economic Review Conference.