• New Book Explores Multifunctionality of Rice Production Systems

New Book Explores Multifunctionality of Rice Production Systems

ADBI News Release | 30 August 2023

Tokyo, Japan – A new ADBI Press book examines rice production systems for ensuring food security in Asia. Multifunctionality of Rice Production Systems in Asia: A Synoptic Review overviews rice production processes and their multiple products and services, which are intertwined socioculturally and economically in societies across the region.

Authors Dil Rahut of ADBI and V. Ratna Reddy of the Livelihoods and Natural Resources Management Institute explain the important contribution of the non-commodity outputs of rice production systems.

They highlight the importance of boosting policy support for farming communities and the provision of much-needed environmental services to ensure the sustenance of communities and their production systems. Incorporating the multifunctionality of these systems into economic policy can help optimize allocations for agriculture and empower smallholder farmers in developing countries.

This new book spotlights science-based policy insights and offers guidance for policy makers, researchers, and those interested in developing frameworks for driving sustainable and inclusive agricultural and rural development.