New Book Spotlights Asia’s Policy Pathways to Carbon Neutrality

ADBI News Release | 11 November 2022

Tokyo, Japan – A new ADBI Press book details policy strategies for advancing Asia’s increasingly ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets and sustainable economic recovery, to be discussed during a launch webinar on 14 November.

Edited by Dina Azhgaliyeva and Dil Rahut, Climate Change Mitigation: Policies and Lessons for Asia describes how developing countries and institutions can promote broader efforts to realize carbon neutrality in the region, which accounts for over 50% of the world’s GHG emissions.

It underscores the importance of going beyond action to transform energy markets alone in the face of rapid economic growth and consumption in developing Asia, also highlighting research-based approaches for decarbonizing the transport, building, and agriculture sectors.

The latest entry in the ADBI Series on Asian and Pacific Sustainable Development, Climate Change Mitigation: Policies and Lessons for Asia offers timely insights to help policy makers and scholars better understand the region’s climate change mitigation challenges, policy options, and the sustainable development implications.

The launch webinar will examine the book’s key findings, featuring insights from the coeditors and a panel of contributors. It will also include an audience question and answer session.