New Book Spotlights Infrastructure Spillovers as a Breakthrough for Financing Sustainable Growth

ADBI News Release | 07 September 2023

Tokyo, Japan – A new book from ADBI Press describes the spillover impacts of quality infrastructure projects as a financing breakthrough for accelerating growth and poverty reduction in developing Asia.

Infrastructure Spillover Impacts in Developing Asia highlights the region’s growing demand for health, education, and social welfare programs, which can diminish fiscal availability for infrastructure projects that are crucial for sustainable development. Coedited by ADBI’s Dina Azhgaliyeva, KE Seetha Ram, and Keio University’s Naoyuki Yoshino, the book underlines the need for novel financing solutions for boosting private investments to meet expanding infrastructure needs.

Cases from Central and East Asia show how successful transport, water, and information and communication technology infrastructure projects can boost tax revenues and firm performance and create a steady stream of income for mobilizing private capital. The book also explores the factors that generate spillover income from infrastructure projects, including project quality, interconnectivity, population density, income levels, and access to finance.

Key takeaways from this new ADBI volume were highlighted by the authors during a launch webinar on 31 August.