New E-Learning Course Details Circular Economy Keys to Arresting Unsustainable Consumption

ADBI News Release | 19 May 2022

Tokyo, Japan – A newly launched tuition-free, certificate-issuing ADBI E-learning course examines unsustainable linear consumption trends that are plaguing Asia’s fast-growing markets and how the shift to a more circular economy could bolster sustainable growth and climate change mitigation.

Co-led by ADBI’s Linda Arthur and Derek Hondo, Circular Economy: Increasing Resource Efficiency and Designing Out Waste introduces circular economy principles which center on maximizing resource efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts and carbon emissions.

The course spotlights examples of infrastructure, investment, and business innovation needed to stem unsustainable consumption and meet climate targets. It also describes viable policy solutions for scaling up a circular economy, including strategies to fight plastic pollution and its mounting social costs.

Circular Economy: Increasing Resource Efficiency and Designing Out Waste is a timely guide for building greater circularity across sectors and facilitating sustainable economic development that benefits health and wellbeing for all.

Enhanced Course Certificates

Learners that complete this ADBI E-Learning course will earn a course completion certificate with a unique user ID to verify the certificate holder and QR code that provides information about the course.

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