T7 Japan Issues Communiqué to Support G7 Breakthroughs

ADBI News Release | 28 April 2023

Tokyo, Japan – Global experts have issued the Think7 Japan Communiqué outlining research-based policy recommendations to support discussions at the Group of Seven (G7) Hiroshima Summit on 19-21 May and beyond. Think7 (T7) is the G7’s official think tank engagement group led by the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) under Japan’s G7 presidency.

Spotlighted during the T7 Japan Summit on 27-28 April in Tokyo and online, the Think7 Japan Communiqué features proposals for the G7 and partners developed via T7 Japan task forces in-line with the theme Addressing Crises, Reigniting Sustainable Development, Bridging the G7 and Group of 20 (G20). It emphasizes engagement with developing and emerging countries to confront shared challenges.

Click to View the Think7 Japan Communiqué

The Think7 Japan Communiqué presents a call to action for bridging the G7 and the G20. It focuses on solutions for addressing intersecting crises, including systemic risks for global peace and nuclear nonproliferation; the rampant international financial system crisis and ballooning debt crisis; and the climate and biodiversity crises and need for strengthening environmental diplomacy.

The communiqué describes measures for reigniting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. They include recognizing the universality and centrality of the 2030 Agenda; tackling the return of hunger; investing in global science systems and research infrastructure; and learning approaches for advancing resilient human capital development.

The communiqué concludes by detailing a new G7/G20 Dashboard design initiated by T7 Japan to make it easier to assess the impacts of decisions by the G7 and the G20 and enhance transparency and accountability against the backdrop of global uncertainty. The dashboard also aims to facilitate the development of policies under rotating G7 and G20 presidencies and improve their continuity.