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Call for Papers on Economic Integration in Asia and Europe: Lessons and Recommended Policies


Economic Integration in Asia and Europe: Lessons and Recommended Policies
Journal of Economic Integration (JEI) and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Journal of Economic Integration will publish a special issue on Economic Integration in Asia and Europe in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI).

Guest Editors

  • Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Naoyuki Yoshino (Asian Development Bank Institute)
  • Chul Ju Kim (Asian Development Bank Institute)
  • Peter J. Morgan (Asian Development Bank Institute)
  • Sang Chul Park (Korea Polytechnic University, Republic of Korea)

Synopsis and Subject Coverage

Asia and Europe have taken different economic integration paths. Asia has largely chosen loose economic cooperation based on free trade agreements. An exception is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which has created a common market that constitutes the third level of economic integration. Europe has already reached the highest level of economic integration through the European Union. However, Brexit has raised concerns about de-integration and the future of the EU.

The special issue will analyze the processes of economic integration and their impact on, and risks posed to, economic growth in Asia and Europe. The objective is to provide lessons learned in Europe and Asia, and recommend policies for the rest of the world.

Papers may deal with, but not be limited, to the following:

  • How Asia and Europe have differed in their approaches to economic integration, based on regionalism and regionalization
  • Economic integration in different Asian sub-regions
  • Creation and evolution of a monetary union
  • Fiscal union and a common government bond market
  • De-integration (e.g., Brexit) in the EU and the possibility of it happening in ASEAN

Submission Procedure

Contributors should submit their manuscript in English by 30 July 2019. Manuscripts should be submitted online at the following link:

Contributors should clearly indicate that the paper is submitted to the Special Issue on Economic Integration in Asia and Europe: Lessons and Recommended Policies. There is no submission fee. All papers must adhere to the “Guideline for Contributors” of the Journal of Economic Integration. The guideline is available online at

Please direct inquiries to the corresponding guest editor at: [email protected]