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Call for Papers on Low-Carbon Finance and the Sustainable Development Goals


Low-Carbon Finance and the Sustainable Development Goals
Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and Finance Research Letters
Tokyo, Japan

Low-carbon finance and investment are essential to financing green energy projects that reduce carbon emissions and their negative health impacts, develop climate resilient infrastructure, and ensure environmental sustainability, in accordance with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Yet, global investment declined 1% for renewables and 3% for energy efficiency in 2017 and 2018 and there is a risk it could slow further while investment in fossil fuels remains predominate. The lack of unified criteria for investment that advances climate-related SDGs and limited understanding of the fundamentals of low-carbon finance are factors undermining growth within the sector.

Common questions about low-carbon finance include the difference between green and traditional bonds, the extent to which green bond issuance reduces emissions, and the kinds of policies that could encourage investment that promotes climate-related SDGs, among others.

Against this backdrop, ADBI is seeking papers that analyse the relationship between investments consistent with climate–related SDGs and portfolio allocation as well as broader climate finance and investment issues. Papers will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of the journal Finance Research Letters and may deal with, but are not be limited, to the following:

  • SDGs and low-carbon finance
  • Portfolio selection for investment boosting climate-related SDGs
  • How to prioritize low-carbon projects for investors
  • How financial inclusion impacts climate change
  • Role of financing cost and de-risking strategies in clean energy investment
  • Role of credit ratings in assessing risk of low carbon investments
  • How to accumulate green data
  • Role of institutional investors in low carbon investment
  • Role of governments in facilitating private investment that supports climate-related SDGs

Submission Procedure

Contributors should submit their full manuscripts in English via this link by 30 December 2019.

Contributors should clearly indicate that the paper is submitted to the Special Issue on Low-Carbon Finance and the Sustainable Development Goals. There is no submission fee. All papers must adhere to the Guideline for Contributors of Finance Research Letters.

Authors of accepted papers will be invited to the paper development workshop sponsored by ADBI. The Institute will fund one author per paper to attend the workshop—the author must be a citizen of an ADB member country. The workshop date and location will be announced later.

Guest Editors

  • Naoyuki Yoshino, Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo
  • Peter J Morgan, Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo
  • Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Waseda University, Tokyo – Corresponding guest editor
  • Dayong Zhang, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, People’s Republic of China