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Calls for Papers: Reforming State-Owned Enterprises in Asia

Reforming State-Owned Enterprises in Asia
Asian Development Bank Institute

In many Asian economies, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are still significant players. They provide essential public services, build and operate key infrastructure, and are often reservoirs of public employment. Their characteristics and inherent competitive advantages as publicly owned enterprises allow them to play these critical roles. Their weaknesses in governance and inefficiencies in incentive structures, however, also often lead to poor performance.

SOEs must be efficient, transparent, and accountable to level the playing field for private companies, secure the growth of a vibrant private sector, and achieve sustained and inclusive economic growth. Many countries in Asia have been reforming SOEs but the results are mixed. Some key conditions generally need to be met for SOE reforms to be successful: national bureaucracies must have the capacity to implement the reforms, and adverse impacts on international trade and investment must be avoided.

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) invites submissions of original, unpublished thematic or case studies on reforming SOEs in Asia, to be published in a book or a special journal issue. Selected papers will be presented at a seminar to be held in an Asian country. Participation costs will be covered for one presenter of every accepted paper. The presenter must be a citizen of an ADB member country.

Papers may deal with but not be limited to the following:

  • Disciplines related to SOEs in Asia
  • Role of SOEs in economic sectors (infrastructure, utility, energy, and trade)
  • Institutional frameworks for managing SOEs in Asia
  • Performance of SOEs and their differences with private companies in selected Asian countries (case studies)
  • Internationalization of SOEs
  • Progress and challenges in reforming SOEs
  • Legal and regulatory framework: separation of ownership and regulation
  • Incentive mechanisms: performance and productivity evaluation of SOEs
  • Corporate governance and SOEs: board composition and independence, accountability, transparency and disclosure, and executive compensation
  • Privatization of SOEs in Asia
  • Principle of competition and SOEs

Working title of the book: Reforming state-owned enterprises in Asia

Field: Public economics


  • Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean and CEO, ADBI, and Professor Emeritus, Keio University, Japan
  • Chul Ju Kim, Deputy Dean (Capacity Building and Training and Special Activities), ADBI
  • Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, faculty member, Waseda University, Japan
  • Kunmin Kim, task manager, ADBI


Abstracts (300 words) must be submitted no later than 30 August 2018 as a Word document containing a title, name and affiliation of the author(s), contact information, and appropriate fields (JEL classifications). Early applications with a full paper are preferred. Only papers written in English will be considered. Authors of selected papers will be notified by 30 September or earlier. A full draft paper should be submitted by 30 November. (Date and place of seminar will be announced later.)

Submissions with brief author bios (including key and/or relevant publications, if any) should be emailed to [email protected]