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Call for Papers: Spillover Effects of High-Speed Rail and Quality of Life

Spillover Effects of High-Speed Rail and Quality of Life
Asian Development Bank Institute and World Conference on Transport Research Society
Tokyo, Japan
14-15 November 2018

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) invites submissions of original unpublished papers on the spillover effects of high-speed rail (HSR) and evaluations of HSR projects, operations, and quality of life (QOL) implications, to be presented at a 2-day conference.

The objective of the conference is to share experiences of HSR projects and operations, and to highlight the effects of HSR projects on the economy, environment, society, and QOL by introducing novel models and mechanisms to replicate the positive effects in new projects.

The conference will also include policy implications and lessons for countries with planned HSR projects, specifically with innovative policy instruments that increase the internal rate of return (IRR) and therefore attract private sector investments for these large-scale infrastructure projects. On 18 May 2018, ADBI co-hosted a seminar on this topic at the World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) steering committee meeting at IIT Bombay, India. 

ADBI will cover registration, flight, and hotel costs of one author per selected paper. Presenters must be from ADB member countries.

Accepted papers will be considered for publication as ADBI working papers, and selected papers from the conference as part of an edited book volume. The key messages in the edited volume will be shared during the 15th WCTR to be held on 26–31 May 2019.

Working title of the book: Evaluating the Spillover Effects of High-Speed Rail using Quality of Life

Papers dealing with, but not limited to, the following topics are welcome:

  • Effects of HSR projects on the economy, environment, and society
  • Experiences of HSR operating countries and lessons for developing countries
  • Effects and impacts of HSR in Japan, other countries and regions
  • Models and mechanisms to replicate existing positive effects
  • Evaluating the effects in terms of IRR and QOL
  • Policy implications for senior government officials in the ministries of finance, transport, and planning

Important dates

  • Deadline for submission of abstract: 20 August 2018
  • Notification of acceptance of abstract: 3 September 2018
  • Deadline for submission of full draft paper: 31 October 2018
  • Conference date: 14-15 November 2018


Interested authors should submit an abstract (300 words) no later than 20 August 2018, and a full draft paper by 31 October 2018. A selection committee will screen the papers for presentation. Authors whose papers have been selected will be notified by 3 September 2018 or earlier. The abstract (300 words) should be submitted as a Word document containing a title, authors’ names, affiliations, and contact information. Submissions should be emailed with the subject title of “Evaluating the Spillover Effects of High-Speed Rail using Quality of Life” to Shreyas P. Bharule ([email protected]) and Satoshi Miyazawa ([email protected]).

The Selection Committee will comprise

  • Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute
  • Yoshitsugu Hayashi, professor, Chubu University, and president, World Conference on Transport Research Society
  • Ryosuke Shibasaki, professor, University of Tokyo