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Call for Papers on Technology Transfer and Firm Competitiveness: Country-Level Study


Technology Transfer and Firm Competitiveness: Country-Level Study
Asian Development Bank Institute

Technology transfer has been crucial to the competitiveness of firms and economies in Asia. This includes obtaining technology from foreign firms through channels such as the importation of capital goods, reverse engineering, technology licensing, original equipment manufacturers, labor mobility, and foreign direct investment, especially in the form of technology spillover. However, the factors that determine the successful transfer and assimilation of technology are not well defined.

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) invites the submission of original paper proposals on technology transfer and firm competitiveness in Asia, with a focus on the criteria for gauging the success or failure of these dynamics and their policy implications. Selected papers will be featured in a related workshop to be held in January 2022 and considered for publication as ADBI Working Papers and in a planned book.

Paper topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • How local firms acquire technology from foreign firms, based on quantitative analyses such as econometric research using firm-, plant-, or sector-level data for a select Asian economy
  • Qualitative analyses such as case studies of a select Asian economy

Submission Procedure

Authors should submit their paper proposals to Shujiro Urata [email protected] by 31 July 2021. Early submission is encouraged.

Proposals should include:

  • Paper title
  • Name of author(s)
  • Background of the chosen theme
  • Brief literature survey
  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Data
  • Expected results
  • Expected policy implications
  • References

The authors will be notified of the selection decision by 31 August 2021.

Arrangements for Selected Papers

Authors of selected proposals should submit their full draft papers of 8,000-10,000 words, including tables and figures, using the email contact above by 1 January 2022. Papers should adhere to the ADBI Guidelines for Authors.

ADBI will provide a modest honorarium to eligible authors of accepted papers. They will also be invited to present at the workshop in February 2022.

Should conditions allow the workshop to take place in Tokyo, ADBI will provide travel support to one author per paper. The author must be a citizen of an Asian Development Bank member economy.

The conference will be held virtually in the event of COVID-19 travel disruptions.

The deadline for completed full papers is 31 March 2022. The accepted papers will be published as ADBI Working Papers and considered for inclusion in the planned book.


Inquiries may be directed to Shujiro Urata.