Sponsored Seminar (NEC Corporation)

Role of ICT Solutions for Developing Sustainable Cities and Communities

Solutions for Disaster Resilience, Safer and Smart Cities
Tuesday, 5 May 2015, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

City planners face increasingly complex challenges, ranging from the immediate needs of its citizens to long term security. To deal with immediate safety concerns, cities need to have robust emergency action plans and capacity to manage both physical and virtual incidents. They also need to draw long term plans to cope with environmental issues such as natural disaster prevention and use of renewable energy. In many cases, intensive cooperation with different government authorities with different mandates is also required. City planners need to build resilient and efficient social infrastructure to minimize the impact of these challenges on the city's operations and sustainability. ICT solutions can play a significant role in addressing them.

The panel will discuss the role of ICT solutions in building safe, smart and disaster-resilient cities drawing from NEC Corporation's experience. ADB's approach to livable cities as well as case studies from a national government and other partner organizations will be highlighted.

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David Adis
Director, NEC Philippines

Michio Ito
Senior Engineer, Manager of Satellite Applications, Satellite Applications and Operations Center of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Carmela D. Locsin
Director General, Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank

Antonio Edward Padre
Director, Information and Communications Technology Office, Department of Science and Technology, Philippines


Shinya Kukita
Chief Engineer, Global Business Unit for NEC Corporation