ADB Seminar

Moving Toward Cities of the Future – Delivered, Driven or Demanded?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016, 9:00 am - 10:30 am

In order to sustainably become more livable, cities must develop strategic plans, build additional infrastructure, spur innovative financing modalities and adopt new technologies. While most efforts focus on this supply side of the future city equation, it is crucial to analyze the demand side - the citizens who will be affected by these developments. Arguably, the most challenging task is to ensure that citizens are not just passive spectators; but rather, change agents who are dynamically engaged in steering their cities' futures. This panel of city mayors will discuss the multi-faceted challenges and opportunities their cities face toward greater inclusion, safety, resilience, and sustainability.

Opening Remarks

Hans-Joachim Fuchtel Chair of the Board of Governors and Governor for Germany, Asian Development Bank; Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany

Hans Joachim Fuchtel is Parliamentary State Secretary and Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany. Mr. Fuchtel serves as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Asian Development Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, and Inter-American Development Bank. He is also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Deutsche Investitions. He also served as the Chairman of Supervisory Board of the Asian Development Bank. Mr. Fuchtel graduated with a degree in Law and Economics at the Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen.

Keynote Speech

Pedro Ortiz Former Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Spain and Central District Mayor; former Senior Urban Planner, the World Bank; and author of The Art of Shaping the Metropolis

Pedro Ortiz is currently a Senior Metropolitan Consultant at the World Bank and Visiting Professor at Milano Politecnico University. He is the author of The Art of Shaping the Metropolis. Mr. Ortiz was Director General for Urban and Metropolitan Planning at Madrid Regional Government. He was Director of the Madrid 1996-2016 Metropolitan Plan and author of and the "Land Planning Law of 1997." Ortiz is a former Deputy Mayor of Madrid and Central District Mayor, responsible for Urban Prospective and for Culture. He was Director of the "Strategic Plan for Madrid."


Peter Feldmann Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Germany

Peter Feldmann is Mayor of Frankfurt. He holds a degree in Political Science and Social SectorEeconomics. The positions Mr. Feldmann has held professionally and politically are characterized by a desire to take charge and assume responsibilities. For many years, he has been an advocate for international openness and tolerance. Key areas of involvement include his work with children and youths, safeguarding the quality of life of the elderly, and care for the unemployed. He worked as a lecturer at the Management Institute for Politics, History, and Constitutional Law for many years.

Fumiko Hayashi Mayor of Yokohama, Japan

Fumiko Hayashi is Mayor of Yokohama. Her previous roles have included president of BMW Tokyo, president of Tokyo Nissan Auto Sales, and chairperson and CEO of the Japanese supermarket chain Daiei. In 2006, Forbes magazine named her 39th most powerful woman in the world, the highest rank for a Japanese woman. Ms. Hayashi has also served as the member of the Council for Gender Equality of the Cabinet Office of Japan and ad hoc member of the 30th Local Government System Research Council. She has also written several books on sales management and workforce relationship.

Ridwan Kamil Mayor of Bandung, Indonesia

Mochamad Ridwan Kamil is currently Mayor of Bandung. Mr. Kamil is an architect, lecturer, and social activist. He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) with a degree in Architecture Engineering and received his Master’s Degree from University of California in Berkeley. He began his professional career in several firms in United States of America and has built more than fifty projects in architecture and urban design in America, Middle East and Asia. Ridwan Kamil has a great vision to build Bandung as the best city in Indonesia, by integrating innovation, creativity, and collaboration as a core spirit.

AJM Muzammil Mayor of Colombo, Sri Lanka

AJM Muzammil is Mayor of Colombo. He was educated at Zahira College, Colombo and became engaged in politics at a young age, organizing party activities and spearheading numerous political campaigns. This paved way for him to serve the people of the city and ensure a higher standard of living for all its citizens. He is active in issues concerning cities as engines of environmental, economic, and social change in this urban century, and how cities can meaningfully lead the way in major issues of our time – climate change, economic crisis, job creation, inequality, and security.

Losana Talei Rokotuibau Director of Town and Country Planning, Fiji

Losana Talei Rokotuibau is the Director of Town and Country Planning, under the Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment in Fiji. A graduate of University of Sydney with a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning under the Australia and New Zealand School of Government Pacific Executive Program. Ms. Rokotuibau’s primary responsibility is administering the two laws that govern urban development and urban growth in Fiji. She is currently engaged in the revision of these planning laws to help shape a qualitative urban built environment and an efficient and effective planning approval process.

Jingjing Xu International Advisory Group on Green and Smart Urbanization, China Development Bank Capital Corp

Xu Jingjing is the Executive Director of Green and Smart Urbanization Task Force, China Development Bank Capital and Managing Partner of Global Green Development Capital. As the largest financial engine for Chinese urbanization, China Development Bank and its fully owned equity arm, CDB Capital promotes sustainable urban development and smart cities among over a hundred projects in its portfolio in over 40 cities throughout China. CDBC Green and Smart Urbanization Task Force welcome cooperation from the global best practices companies and NGOs who are committed to green and smart urban development in China.


Bambang Susantono Vice President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, Asian Development Bank

Bambang Susantono is Vice President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development in ADB. Prior to this, Mr. Susantono was the vice-minister of Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation and deputy minister for infrastructure and regional development. He has extensive experience providing policy advice to government, private sector organizations, and international institutions. He chaired several research institutes and taught in universities. Mr. Susantono holds a PhD in Infrastructure Planning and Master’s degrees in Transportation Engineering, and City and Regional Planning from the University of California in Berkeley. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology.