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Frankfurt 2016: Videos

  • 10 May 2016 | Video

    Horst Köhler, former President of Germany, spoke at the 49th ADB Annual Meeting about the challenges facing mankind in the twenty-first century and what should be done to address them.

  • 05 May 2016 | Video | Nakao, Takehiko

    At a press conference held on 5 May, President Takehiko Nakao thanked the Government of Germany for hosting the meeting, gave an overview of the key issues discussed, and then took questions from journalists. 

  • 03 May 2016 | Video | Nakao, Takehiko

    President Nakao participated in the Governors' Seminar on 3 May at the 49th ADB Annual Meeting in Frankfurt. The seminar focused on how to implement structural reform to support growth in developing Asia and the Pacific.

  • 02 May 2016 | Video

    What does cooperating for sustainability, the theme of ADB's 49th Annual Meeting, mean to those involved in the "City of Sustainability" exhibition at the meeting venue in Messe Frankfurt?