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    51st Annual Meeting: Opening Session of the Board of Governors

    Scenes from the Opening Session of the Board of Governors at the 51st ADB Annual Meeting on 5 May 2018.

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    51st Annual Meeting: Business Session

    Scenes from the Business Session on 5 May 2018 at the 51st ADB Annual Meeting in Manila, Philippines.

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    Strengthening Climate and Disaster Resilience: Investing in Community-led Solutions

    At this seminar, panelists shared concrete evidence of community-led solutions in strengthening resilience, and exchanged good practices on how such solutions can be scaled up through large-scale government investments.

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    Future Host Country Event - Fiji 2019

    As the future host country, Fiji brought together an event that showcased the unique blend of cultures throughout Fiji, through arts, rituals, and culinary delights.

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    Rule of Law for Inclusive and Sustainable Development: ADB’s Law and Policy Reform Program at Work

    ADB’s Law and Policy Reform (LPR) Program, managed by the Office of the General Counsel, has engaged in strengthening the rule of law in developing member countries in the Asia and Pacific region through projects on legal, regulatory, and judicial reforms since 1995. The seminar presented the program's five principal areas of work, and a high-level panel will highlight achievements of the program.

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    Technological Change, Globalization, and Jobs in Asia

    The Governors’ Seminar on 4 May 2018 at the 51st ADB Annual Meeting focused on how new technologies and globalization affect the prospects for job creation in developing Asia and their policy implications.

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    Localizing the Open Government Partnership: Pushing the Boundaries of Local Governance

    This session recognized the growing role of CSO engagement with governments to strengthen the implementation of the OGP across national and subnational levels. It featured successful open governance and transparency initiatives and discussed key implementation stumbling blocks and building blocks encountered.

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    Past, Present, and Future of the World Economy

    Featuring distinguished speakers, the Manila 2018 host country event looked back to the past with a new understanding, examined the relevance of key structures of the present global financial system, and explored how multilateral institutions and governments can adapt by harnessing opportunities while navigating the hazards of a digital future.

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    New Technologies in Finance: Opportunities and Challenges for Asia

    Potentially game-changing technological advances like distributed ledger technology, blockchains, virtual currencies, machine learning, and big data are a double-edged sword that can deliver large benefits but impose large costs. This seminar reviewed Asia’s recent progress in financial market development, discussed key issues and challenges for Asia stemming from new technologies in finance, and examined policy options for maximizing their benefits while limiting their disadvantages.

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    New Opportunities for Regional Cooperation: The Potential for CAREC-BRI Collaboration

    A seminar on "New Opportunities for Regional Cooperation: The Potential for CAREC-BRI Collaboration" on 3 May 2018 at the 51st ADB Annual Meeting explored ways Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation program member countries can capitalize on new regional and international development dynamics, including the Belt and Road Initiative.