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    Future Host Country Event: Incheon 2020

    The 53rd Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors will be held in Incheon, Republic of Korea from 2 to 5 May 2020.

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    Business Session

    Scenes from the Business Session on 4 May 2019 at the 52nd ADB Annual Meeting in Nadi, Fiji.

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    Mobilizing Capital Markets for Sustainable Infrastructure

    This seminar offered an analysis of ways the global and local capital markets can support infrastructure development through long-term funding, with an emphasis on channeling Asian savings toward sustainable, climate-resilient projects.

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    Role of Tourism for Sustainable Development

    Asia’s policy makers face the challenge of guiding the expansion of tourism in a way that protects the environment—particularly ocean health—and improves the quality of life of local residents. A distinguished panel reflected on their experiences to highlight policy options to ensure a sustainable future for Asia’s tourism.

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    Navigating Global Uncertainties in Asia – Lessons from Tourism, Technology, and Trade

    The CNBC Debate explored how developing nations, some of which have enjoyed solid economic growth since the global financial crisis, can maintain stability and momentum. Will global tensions over trade, uncertainty over Brexit, and potential slowdowns in developed nations influence Asia’s growth potential? Or can the region seize new opportunities created by indigenous innovation, rapid technological change, and growing inter- and intra-regional foreign direct investment?

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    Trading Up: Economic Empowerment and Gender Equality

    This seminar discussed how international trade can promote inclusive growth and empowerment, and generate decent employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for women. 

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    Sink or Sync: Managing Natural Resources and Vulnerability in Asia and the Pacific

    Many of ADB's developing countries face serious environmental concerns. Such development challenges are complex and interlinked, calling for effective collaboration among countries. ADB is uniquely positioned to act as a knowledge broker and play an active role in creating this synergy. This panel discussion showcased ADB’s work in this area and the evidence-based knowledge accumulated by evaluation at ADB.

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    Governors’ Plenary: Private Sector Mobilization in Challenging Markets

    Facilitating private investment into frontier markets, including fragile environments, requires a customized approach to the distinct development challenges in these economies. The plenary focused on the role of ADB and other multilateral development banks in mobilizing more private investment into development, particularly for frontier markets.

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    ADB’s New Procurement Framework and Business Opportunities

    The seminar presented an overview of ADB’s new procurement framework and its implementation status, highlighting changes relevant to the business communities. It was followed by an overview of current and future opportunities for businesses in ADB-financed projects in key sectors.

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    Renewable Energy Investing in Asia and the Pacific—The Fast-Changing Model

    Despite the best efforts of many ADB developing member countries (DMCs) to accelerate expansion in renewable energy, private investment around the region faces persistent challenges. The seminar surveyed the evolving approaches adopted by sponsors investing in renewable energy projects across ADB’s DMCs.