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Note to Participants on the COVID-19 Situation in the Republic of Korea

Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation in various parts of the world, the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank has approved that the 2020 Annual Meeting (AM) of the Board of Governors will be held in two parts.

A reduced-scale meeting on 22 May 2020 will be held at ADB Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. Please note this is predominantly for Governors' appointed representatives, to consider ADB’s financial statements and allocation of net income. Said meeting will then be adjourned and reconvened for a full-scale Annual Meeting to be held on 18-21 September in Incheon, Republic of Korea. We will be sending out invitations for this meeting in Incheon.

The safety of our participants is our first priority. As always, we will continue to monitor developments on COVID-19 and update participants on any changes or details on the above plans.

ADB and the Government of the Republic of Korea are fully committed in ensuring a successful and engaging AM in Incheon to be attended by Governors of ADB members and their delegations, as well as participants from the international development community, private sector, civil society, academia, media and other stakeholders. Registration and program details for the 18-21 September meeting will follow in due course.

For queries, please email [email protected]

Thank you.