Tbilisi 2024: 57th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank.

ADB Governors Approve $1.42 Billion in 2023 Allocable Net Income

The Board of Governors of ADB approved the bank’s 2023 financial statements and a $1.42 billion net income allocation from its ordinary capital resources, the highest in ADB’s history.

$5 Billion Asian Development Fund Replenishment Agreed to Support Most Vulnerable in Asia and Pacific

Donors and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have agreed to a replenishment of $5 billion for ADB’s Asian Development Fund (ADF) 14 and Technical Assistance Special Fund (TASF) 8. The commitment was made during ADB’s 57th Annual Meeting.

Developing Asia and the Pacific Unprepared for Challenges of Aging Population

Developing Asia and the Pacific is unprepared to secure the well-being of its rapidly aging population as the growing share of older people in the region face challenges from low pension coverage to health problems, social isolation, and limited access to essential services.

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