How can I become an ADB transaction advisory services consultant?

Information for individual consultants and consulting firms

ADB provides technical advisory services (TAS) to its developing member countries to promote public and private capital investment for development. When providing transaction advice, ADB may engage individual consultants and consulting entities to assist in the timely delivery of required outputs under agreed TAS mandates.

Who is eligible to be a TAS consultant?

Transaction advisory consultants include firms, other multilateral or bilateral organizations, universities, research institutions, government agencies, NGOs, and individual consultants. The services TAS consultants render are only of an intellectual and advisory nature.

Eligibility of TAS consultants follows the same requirements as any ADB-financed project.

Recruitment of TAS consultants

Recruitment of TAS consultants is guided by the ADB Procurement Policy and the Principles and Procedures Applicable to the Procurement of Consulting Services Under Transaction Advisory Services Provided by ADB.

ADB may employ a range of selection and contracting practices, but typically uses the single source selection method, as recent requirements have been targeted and experts needed to be mobilized quickly. All of the selection and contracting methods are outlined in the above Principles and Procedures document.

Just like all other consulting opportunities for ADB-funded projects, TAS opportunities are listed in ADB's Consultant Management System. Register as a consultant in ADB's Consultant Management System.

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