Does my executing/implementing agency have the staff and capability to work with ADB?

ADB's Office of Anticorruption and Integrity conducts project procurement-related reviews (PPRRs) or proactive integrity reviews to help prevent and detect integrity violations. In this context, government agencies that execute and implement ADB-supported projects need the following:

Control Environment

  • An organizational chart in relation to ADB project management that is based on the implementation arrangements specified in the financing agreement.
  • Documented job descriptions and/or adequate staff orientation to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each staff member assigned to the project.
  • Project procedure manual or documented instructions, which includes the key processes for procurement, including contract award, financial management, and contract management.
  • Project records management procedures and a storage/filing system for original and photocopies of project source documents for easy retrieval.
  • A list of names/positions of authorized signatories and their related specimen signatures to withdrawal applications as well as interim progress payments, certificates of inspection, acceptance and completion.
  • Qualified and experienced engineers to supervise and inspect the construction works, and prepare associated reports.
  • An asset register for goods purchased out of the project funds that is kept updated.

Procurement Process

  • Staff members, specifically those handling project procurement, that have received training on the ADB procurement process.
  • A written approval and recording system for accessing unopened bids.
  • A bid evaluation committee that has been trained to evaluate bids for ADB-financed contracts that was formed solely for the procurement process of the project.

Due Process System

  • An ethical code of conduct with written instructions for handling internal and/or external complaints, including unethical behavior.
  • A system to record associations and related parties to staff to monitor potential conflict of interest.

Financial Management and Accounting System

  • A qualified project financial management team that includes a full-time accountant.
  • A back-up of project financial records.
  • Access controls in financial records to ensure that they are free from manipulation.
  • Project staff, specifically those handling project disbursements, that have received training on the ADB disbursement process.
  • Adequate separation of duties (e.g. staff who account for invoices does not approve invoices, pay contractors, or perform bank reconciliations).
  • Certifications to confirm delivery of goods/services or certificate of inspection to certify physical progress of works before processing payments.
  • Dual authorization for payments, with contractors/suppliers paid through checks.

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