How can I become an ADB supplier? (corporate procurement)

Guidance for suppliers of ADB's institutional requirements

  • Individuals and business firms interested in supplying goods or services for the institutional requirements of ADB must register in the Supplier Information Management Portal (“Supplier Portal”).
  • Suppliers must be a citizen of or incorporated in an ADB member and not be on the ADB sanction list or the sanction list of another multilateral development bank.
  • Registration gives suppliers an opportunity to be in ADB's database and to maintain close collaboration with ADB.
  • Approval of supplier registration is neither a commitment from ADB to invite registered suppliers to bid nor a guarantee from ADB to award a contract. But it is a pre-requisite to the conclusion of any contract or purchase order for the provision of institutional goods and services.
  • Prospective suppliers will be requested to provide:
    • General information such as complete name, nature of business, year established, address, contact details and contact persons.
    • Scanned copies of applicable documents such as the following:
      • Individual experts: curriculum vitae and valid ID
      • Business firms: business registration; articles of incorporation or partnership; memorandum of association; legal documents indicating current officers of the firm; complete copies of company financial documents (audited financial statements for the past two years, annual reports); and
    • Financial data and bank details

Invitation to register

If you are interested to become an institutional (corporate) supplier of ADB, we encourage you to visit our institutional procurement notices page to check invitations for bidding or solicitations of proposals. Please respond in case you are qualified to bid or participate. Our team will then send you an invitation to register through the Supplier Portal.

After suppliers register

Upon successful completion and approval of your application through the Supplier Portal, you or your firm will be given access, which will enable you to manage your profile, receive alerts and notifications, and monitor your transactions.

For more information, contact [email protected]