I’m a private sector donor, how can I contribute to ADB projects?

ADB understands the vital role of the private sector and has been pursuing private sector partnerships since 2013. Private donors include corporations and corporate social responsibility programs; philanthropic individuals or foundations; and non-profit and/or civil society organizations.

Amid globalization, the private sector is in a strong position to improve economies and societies. Private sector partnerships fall under other concessional cofinancing.

Next steps

  • Potential private sector partners must first coordinate with the Financing Partners Relationship Managers and submit an expression of interest. ADB will then evaluate your preference, in which the private partner will decide whether to channel support through a specific sector or theme, country or region, or a specific project.
  • ADB asks the private donor to decide how to contribute, in the form of cash, knowledge, or a combination of both.
  • Next, ADB recommends a product, either an investment project, technical assistance, or a trust fund. The two parties then formalize this engagement through an agreement.
  • See more information on private sector partnerships.

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