How can NGOs become consultants or contractors?

ADB partners with civil society organizations (CSOs) and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) as well as a wide variety of other groups, including trade unions, faith-based groups, foundations and professional organizations. These organizations provide views and input to ADB policies and country strategies. They also help identify, design, implement and monitor projects.

Other ways for NGOs to work with ADB

  • Pilot and Demonstration Activities of the Cooperation Fund for the Water Sector offer grants up $50,000 for organizations try out innovative solutions to local water problems. Apply here.

  • ADB seeks civil society views to improve information disclosure under its Public Communications Policy (PCP). This includes providing information to people in the early stages of project planning and preparation.

  • Organizations are encouraged to provide comments and views regarding ADB’s Accountability Mechanism, which allows people affected by ADB-assisted projects to seek solutions to problems

  • ADB welcomes comments and inputs on the safeguards in place to protect the environment, societies and populations affected by ADB projects.

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