How does a bank access the revolving credit facility under ADB's Trade Finance Program?

To access the revolving credit facility

To access ADB’s Trade Finance Program (TFP) revolving credit facility, which provides loans to support pre-shipment and post-shipment trade transactions, a bank has to be enlisted as a TFP Issuing Bank.

To become an issuing bank

To become an issuing bank under the program, the interested party has to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be located in ADB's developing member countries that are part of TFP’s markets.
  • Have positive financial statements.
  • Display strong corporate governance,
  • Display a clear and balanced stakeholder structure.
  • Have existing trade finance operations.
  • ADB conducts credit and integrity due diligence reviews on the applicant.
  • Once found eligible, the bank may sign an Issuing Bank Agreement (IBA) with ADB’s TFP.

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