What is ADB technical assistance (TA)?

  • Technical assistance (TA) helps ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) implement projects, improve capacity, promote technology transfer and stimulate regional cooperation.
  • TA is offered in the form of studies, surveys, workshops, seminars, and training.
  • TA helps DMCs obtain development financing by improving their ability to manage projects.
  • Previously, there were four TA types:
    • Project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA)
    • Policy and advisory technical assistance (PATA)
    • Capacity development technical assistance (CDTA)
    • Research and development technical assistance (RDTA)
  • These TA types have been consolidated into two categories:
    • Transaction TA (TRTA), which directly benefits a project or is financed by ADB (e.g., project preparation, project implementation support, or policy advice). TRTA can also help develop a public–private partnership as part of transaction advisory services.
    • Knowledge and support TA (KSTA), includes all TAs other than transaction TA (e.g., general institutional capacity building, policy advice, and research).

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