What are the main eligibility requirements for bidding for contracts under ADB-financed projects?

The eligibility requirements vary from project to project. These requirements include such things as:

  • nationality of bidders
  • conflict of interest
  • ADB eligibility
  • eligibility of state-owned enterprises
  • United Nations eligibility
  • evaluation and qualification criteria that must be meet by bidders

In general, contractors bidding for contracts fully or partially financed or administered by ADB should have the nationality of an ADB member country, unless the financing agreement specifies otherwise. If the financing agreement specifies the use of universal procurement under a particular project, no nationality restrictions will apply in procurement.

Where can I find the specific eligibility requirements of a project?

Eligibility requirements are specified in the following documents, which are in the "Documents" tab of the specific project webpage.

  • Financing agreement
  • Prequalification document/bidding document/request for proposal

What criteria are used to evaluate bids?

The criteria used to evaluate bids vary depending on the nature and complexity of the procurement. The evaluation criteria are specified in the relevant prequalification document/bidding document/request for proposals.

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