What is the Consultant Management System?

ADB's online platform for consultants

The Consultant Management System or CMS (http://cms.adb.org/) is an online system where ADB does the following:

  • advertise consulting services recruitment notices (CSRNs)
  • recruit consultants
  • manage contracts and framework agreements
  • process consultants' performance evaluation

CMS features 

Using the CMS, consultants can do the following:

  • register in ADB’s consultant database
  • create and update their profile
  • search opportunities
  • prepare and submit expressions of interest
  • respond to non-committal inquiries (NCIs) or request for proposals (RFP)
  • prepare and submit proposals
  • respond to contract offers
  • submit timesheets and deliverables
  • submit claims and advance request
  • provide feedback at the end of their consulting assignment

Access to the system is gained by typing a registered email address and password.

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