When and how are bidders informed about the awarding of the contract?

  • Bidders will be notified of the bid evaluation results after the bid evaluation process has been completed and all approvals have been obtained.
  • Within two weeks of receiving ADB’s “no objection” to the recommendation of contract award, the borrower shall publish in an English language newspaper or well-known and freely accessible website the results identifying the bid and lot numbers, and the following information:
    • Name of each bidder who submitted a bid
    • Bid prices as read out at bid opening
    • Name and evaluated prices of each bid that was evaluated
    • Name of bidders whose bids were rejected and the reasons for their rejection
    • Name of the winning bidder, and the price it offered, as well as the duration and summary scope of the contract awarded.
  • Awarded contracts are also published in the Projects & Tenders section of ADB.org. See Contracts Awarded
  • In addition to that, the winning bidder will be issued a Notification of Award in the form provided in the bidding documents.

How soon after bidding are contracts awarded?

  • Normally, the contract is expected to be awarded within the bid/proposal validity period. Use the information in the relevant bidding document as an indication of the timeline within which the contract is expected to be awarded.
  • The time period from the issuance of the invitation for bid till publication of contract award depends on several factors, such as: 
    • the procurement method
    • the bidding procedure
    • the review method (prior-review or post-review) used
    • complexity of the procurement
    • whether a manual or an electronic process is followed

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