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Operational Procurement

ADB procures goods, works, and services from external suppliers for its development projects and programs, and engages consultants to help prepare studies, appraisals, and reports.

Goods, Works, and Non-Consulting Services

ADB extends loans and provides technical assistance to its developing member countries (DMCs) for a broad range of development projects and programs. These ADB-financed projects involve the procurement of goods, works and services (other than consulting services) from external suppliers.

Procurement Principles

Article 14 of the ADB Charter states ADB's operating principles. Those relating to procurement are

Source of Procurement

Proceeds of a loan can be used only for procurement of goods and works supplied from, and produced in, member countries of ADB.

Economy and Efficiency

To achieve economy and efficiency, contracts are to be procured through international competition unless other forms of procurement are more suitable and have been agreed upon between ADB and the borrower.


Procurement procedures must give member countries adequate, fair, and equal opportunity to compete for contracts.


Transparency is essential in the procurement process to achieve economy and efficiency and to combat fraud and corruption.

Advance Action

If requested by the borrower, ADB is prepared, in urgent cases, to authorize procurement prior to loan approval. This is particularly when early contracting of goods or works would be crucial for timely completion of the project or when substantial financial benefits would accrue.

In such cases, ADB will approve the draft prequalification or bidding documents before they are issued and ensure that requirements for public advertising and notification of bid invitation be followed.

ADB's approval of such advance procurement is with the explicit understanding that it does not commit ADB to approve the project and loan, and that future ADB financing depends on compliance with ADB's procedural requirements.

Bidding Procedures

ADB-financed projects use various bidding procedures for the procurement of goods, works, and nonconsulting services. Each project tender specifies the bidding procedure that will be used.

Prequalified Contractors

The prequalification of contractors are undertaken for most large, ADB-financed civil works contracts, turnkey contracts and contracts for the supply of expensive and technically complex equipment. ADB reviews and approves the prequalification process conducted by the Borrower's executing agency and publishes lists of prequalified contractors for contracts with estimated value of $10,000,000 and above.

Contracts Awarded

Contracts awarded for goods and civil works with contract value above US$1.0 million. An archive of the previous year's contract awards is also provided.

Procurement Plans View All Procurement Plans

The procurement plan provides information to the bidders on opportunities for expected and scheduled procurement related to a given project. Details of a procurement plan include a brief description of goods, and works or consultant services, to be procured; the method of procurement; contract cost estimates; project threshold values; expected advertisement dates; and ADB review procedure. After loan effectiveness, the procurement plan is updated as the need arises or at least annually for the duration of a project.

Title Cover Date
Viet NamSecondary Green Cities Development Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
Viet NamHa Noi and Ho Chi Minh City Power Grid Development Sector Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
NepalElectricity Grid Modernization Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
China, People's Republic ofGuizhou Gui’an New District New Urbanization Smart Transport System Development Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
China, People's Republic ofGuangxi Nanning Vocational Education Development Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
China, People's Republic ofLow-Carbon District Heating Project in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
NepalUrban Water Supply and Sanitation (Sector) Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
Kyrgyz RepublicCOVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
Kyrgyz RepublicOsh-Plotina Water Treatment Plant Chlorine Neutralization Unit: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
CambodiaClimate-Friendly Agribusiness Value Chains Sector Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
AfghanistanEmergency Assistance for COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
CambodiaRural Roads Improvement Project II: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
CambodiaThird Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Services Sector Development Program: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
Regional, Lao People's Democratic RepublicGreater Mekong Subregion Flood and Drought Risk Management and Mitigation Project: Lao PDR Component Procurement Plan Feb 2021
China, People's Republic ofHenan Dengzhou Integrated River Restoration and Ecological Protection Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
Lao People's Democratic RepublicRoad Sector Governance and Maintenance Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
Lao People's Democratic RepublicSecond Strengthening Higher Education Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
PhilippinesEmergency Assistance for Reconstruction and Recovery of Marawi: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
TajikistanSkills and Employability Enhancement Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021
MaldivesSouth Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation National Single Window Project: Procurement Plan Feb 2021