Business Opportunities Outreach

ADB undertakes business opportunities outreach activities with its members to help raise interest in its commercial and partnership opportunities.

ADB’s business outreach activities aim to build the interest and capacity of consultants, contractors, nongovernment organizations (NGOs), and civil society organizations in pursuing ADB’s business opportunities and understanding its procurement and anticorruption procedures. These activities benefit ADB-financed projects in its developing member countries by enhancing competition for contracts and partnerships, promoting higher-quality market offers that deliver optimal value for money.

ADB’s support to these activities is funded predominantly through dedicated technical assistance.

ADB-Led Seminars
Photo: Asian Development Bank

Business Opportunities Fair (BOF) and Regional Business Opportunities Seminars (RBOS)

One-stop forums for consultants, contractors, NGOs, and civil society organizations looking to provide goods, works, and services for ADB projects. They have proven to be excellent opportunities to network with peers in the industry and with ADB specialists in the agriculture, environment, energy, public management, finance, transport, water, urban development, health, and education sectors.

Held periodically over two days, usually once per year, these events allow participants to:

  • meet with ADB staff in procurement, consulting, project management, and related operations;
  • meet with ADB sector specialists;
  • network with other participants from ADB’s developed and developing members;
  • hear presentations on how to qualify for ADB-financed contracts and partnerships; and
  • discover what business opportunities are available, and where.

These events aim to attract the most talented professionals and firms, and help them qualify for ADB projects. This increasing pool of competent bidders ensures the success of ADB projects.

Participation is limited to venue capacity, and delegates are responsible for participation costs.

Member-Led Seminars
Photo: Asian Development Bank

Business Opportunities Seminars (BOS) and Other Outreach Events

ADB supports virtual and in-person business opportunities seminars with its members to improve the interest and ability of local consultants, contractors, NGOs, and civil society organizations to locate ADB business opportunities, prepare high-quality and responsive bids, and understand ADB’s procurement and anticorruption procedures.

BOSs normally comprise half-day or one-day events hosted by a local organization from an ADB member and delivered by ADB staff.

BOSs are arranged on a rolling, demand-led basis. Requests originate from interested host organizations such as chambers of commerce, consulting or contractor associations, industry federations, and ministries of trade or foreign affairs, and requests are routed to ADB staff through the respective constituency office of the ADB Board of Directors. Session formats generally consist of plenary presentations and/or panel discussions with ADB speakers on doing business with ADB, followed by one-on-one meetings or small-group clinics among ADB and participants to discuss specific areas of interest and specific considerations for seeking out opportunities.

Host organizations are responsible for all local arrangements, and delegates are responsible for participation costs.

If your organization is interested in hosting a BOS, please send us your feedback or requests.