Associate Security Officer


This vacancy is a local staff position with local remuneration package. It is open only to nationals and residents of Pakistan.

Job Purpose

Ensures effective coordination, enhancement and implementation of security arrangements of the Pakistan Resident Mission (PRM) for its staff, consultants, visitors, resident mission premises, and project sites.

Expected Outcomes

Under the guidance of senior staff, contributes independently to PRM by completing a variety of tasks assigned, covering all or a combination of the following functions, depending on the situation/requirements:

Security of Staff and PRM

  • Verifies accuracy of security threats against PRM, its staff, contractors, consultants, or project sites. Coordinates with security providers and imposing extra security measures in PRM to strengthen access control when necessary.

  • Provides technical advisories on PRM security and coordinates with private security provider for information sharing and management of armed guard force.

  • Implements and enhances, if necessary, procedures to accurately maintain record of staff location and track staff movements.

  • Acts as a focal point for PRM Crisis Management Plan and Business Continuity Plan.

  • Conducts mandatory security briefings for staff and consultants visiting Pakistan on official mission and provides advice on prevailing threat environments, security restrictions and emergency procedures

  • Coordinates with and updates headquarters on security matters.

Security Plans for Projects

  • Develops security plans for project work sites and security component for newly approved projects in Pakistan. Prepares security risk assessments as required.

  • Coordinates with government agencies and other security sectors to implement the security plans.

  • Provides recommendations for the implementation of security plans for ADB funded project contractors and consulting firms.

  • Provides security advice to contractors, consulting firms, and staff consultants and provides mitigation measures.

  • Monitors security situation in project areas and provides advice to contractors and consulting firms as necessary.

Coordination with Government Agencies and Contractors

  • Liaises with UNDSS, MOI, INGOs and donor agencies to discuss options related to safety and security of PRM staff, consultants, assets, and projects.

  • Discusses project security plans with ADB management, government agencies, and security contractors.

  • Ensures resolution of identified security problems and maintains close coordination with other donor agencies, government agencies, and security contractors to safeguard the safety and security of PRM staff, contractors, its premises, and project sites.


  • Performs other duties as assigned and reflected in the incumbent's work plan.

Core Competencies

Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

  • Applies updated advancements in own knowledge area to relevant tasks
  • Applies knowledge and practical skills to independently perform some complex tasks
  • Conveys the need to use updated project approaches

Client Orientation

  • Delivers Divisional contributions across a variety of products and services to meet the needs of different clients
  • Proposes options to clients that may better meet their needs than current approaches
  • Defines and delivers to agreed standards with clients

Achieving Results and Problem Solving

  • Conducts detailed research and analysis to determine appropriate methods for addressing the causes of issues
  • Self-monitors achievement of results according to work plans
  • Identifies different stakeholder needs and desired outcomes when planning for outcomes
  • Independently solves problems and makes recommendations

Working Together

  • Maintains collaborative relationships within the Department
  • Works effectively with diverse colleagues in own and other Divisions and Departments
  • Flexibly alters positions and adjusts previously stated points of view to support the group consensus
  • Follows through on team priorities in the absence of a team leader

Communication and Knowledge Sharing

  • Checks with audience's level of understanding and awareness of required follow up actions
  • Consistently seeks and addresses feedback on own performance
  • Creates knowledge products endorsed for wider distribution
  • Independently amends and clarifies messages and documents

Innovation and Change

  • Actively supports work improvement and/or organizational change by work and deed
  • Develops and adopts change plans to support Division initiatives on which one works
  • Considers current and future client needs in proposing ideas
  • Vocalizes early support for change
  • Recommends inputs to new policies, systems and processes in immediate work area
  • Qualifications

    Education Requirements

    • Bachelor's degree preferably with advanced training.

    Relevant Experience

    Work experience

    • At least 6 years relevant professional experience, including experience in security systems and procedures.
    • Previous experience as a security officer is highly desirable.

    Technical knowledge

    • Sound technical knowledge of security management and resolution.
    • Strong analytical skills
    • Proficiency in English as well as Urdu.
    • Proven ability to handle a multitude of tasks and to adhere to deadlines while producing professional-quality outputs.
    • Demonstrated proficiency in word processing, PowerPoint, spreadsheet analysis, E-Mail, and other information technology.

    People and leadership skills

    • Able to work collaboratively with teams as a constructive team member.
    • Strong oral and written communications skills

    Reporting Relationships

    • Supervisor: Designated International Staff and senior National Staff

    We encourage diversity in our workplace and support an inclusive and respectful work environment.