Financing Partnerships Specialist


This is a special fixed-term appointment for a period of two (2) years. The duration may be extended on exceptional basis for a further fixed period at the option of Asian Development Bank (ADB), if the position continues to be required and funded by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR). A special fixed-term appointment will automatically and without prior notice expire at the end of the original or extended term.

This appointment is open to internal and external applicants. If the successful candidate is an ADB staff member holding a regular appointment, his/her regular appointment will be converted to a special fixed-term appointment.

Job Purpose

Provide technical support to the Japan Funds Coordinator by ensuring compliance with the visibility requirements of the Government of Japan (donor) as well as to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of the Japan-funded projects and technical assistance (TAs). The Financing Partnerships Specialist will also be responsible for the operational oversight and implementation of the Japan Trust Funds Visibility Strategy and Programs and overall coordination with Japanese Embassies, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Work with broad policies and objectives, working directly with clients, with supervision for critical tasks.

Expected Outcomes

a. Initiation of and support to preparation of project and TA grants

  • Orient ADB staff, developing member countries (DMCs), nongovernment organizations (NGOs), and other stakeholders on Trust Fund objectives, eligibility criteria, and procedures
  • Assist staff in conceptualizing projects and TAs based on country partnership strategies and sectoral analyses to promote fund utilization
  • Ensure quality at entry and expedited processing

b. Review and monitoring of ongoing projects and TAs

  • Provide implementation support and rapid assistance in the case of required administrative actions
  • Ensure efficient and effective utilization of Japan trust funds
  • Ensure adherence to trust fund guidelines as well as ADB's standards for accountability, transparency, and fiduciary control

c. Knowledge management

  • Document and immediately disseminate project/TA results and lessons learned to benefit ongoing and upcoming projects and TAs

d. Coordination with Japanese Embassy, JBIC, and JICA

  • Coordinate meetings and joint monitoring activities, ensure consistency with Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) policy and complementarity of proposals with bilateral assistance
  • Promote visibility of grants and TAs with Government of Japan

e. Promotion of visibility of grants and TAs

  • Disseminate information especially outcomes and impacts within DMCs, and, together with the Japan Funds Coordinator, with the Government of Japan, and the Japanese public
  • In the field, promote participation in Japan Trust Funds of Japanese NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, aid agencies like JBIC or JICA, private sector, and academic institutions

f. Coordination with designated institutions under Japan Scholarship Program and Japan Fund for Public Policy Training

  • Promote collaboration with their Japanese counterparts and at the same time promote the Funds' visibility in Japan)

g. Support to HQ Japan Trust Funds administration

  • ADB-wide technical review of initial title and description forms, seed money applications, concept papers, TA profiles, TA letters, and grant proposals
  • Participation in staff review meetings
  • Support to preparation of semi-annual and annual reports
  • Support to publication of impact stories
  • Support to evaluation of Japan trust funds
  • Support to over-all visibility campaign
  • Support to review of policies and guidelines and trust fund strategic planning and management

h. Staff Supervision

  • Provide leadership and support to reporting staff.
  • Supervise the performance of reporting staff, providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.
  • Ensure the on-going learning and development of reporting staff.

Core Competencies

Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

  • Regularly shares knowledge on new international best practice trends in comparator situations
  • Proactively applies relevant international best practices to own work
  • Convinces others to adopt international best practice by explaining the situational relevance and benefits

Client Orientation

  • Helps colleagues work effectively with clients in different contexts and from diverse backgrounds and country situations
  • Adapts own approach and style when interacting with clients, as opposed to requiring them to adapt
  • Draws upon international best practice in exploring solutions with clients
  • Confirms the clients' understanding and agreement before progressing

Achieving Results and Problem Solving

  • Draws on own and others' multi-country experience to identify viable courses of action when conducting analyses
  • Helps internal and external clients achieve quality results beyond presenting problems and precedent
  • Highlights possible solutions for project issues based on relevant multi-country and/or multi-client experience
  • Regularly contributes insights and experiences to colleagues in the Division to help them achieve quality results
  • Overcomes unexpected difficulties and challenges to produce desired outcomes

Working Together

  • Maintains collaborative relationships within the Department
  • Works effectively with diverse colleagues in own and other Divisions and Departments
  • Flexibly alters positions and adjusts previously stated points of view to support the group consensus
  • Follows through on team priorities in the absence of a team leader

Communication and Knowledge Sharing

  • Checks the audience's level of understanding and awareness of required follow up actions
  • Consistently seeks and addresses feedback on own performance
  • Creates knowledge products endorsed for wider distribution based on lessons and multi-country experience
  • Independently amends and clarifies messages and documents

Innovation and Change

  • Actively supports work improvement and/or organizational change by work and deed
  • Develops and adopts change plans to support Division initiatives on which one works
  • Considers current and future client needs in proposing ideas
  • Vocalizes early support for change
  • Recommends inputs to new policies, systems and processes in immediate work area


Education Requirements

  • A university degree in Economics, Business, Finance, Law or related fields; preferably at postgraduate level or its equivalent

Relevant Experience

  • Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level
  • At least 6 years of relevant professional experience in project and/or structured finance, or other related area
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • International experience working in development in several countries.

Reporting Relationships

  • Supervisor: Director
  • The following staff positions may be supervised by the incumbent:
    1. Administrative Staff
    2. National Staff

We encourage diversity in our workplace and support an inclusive and respectful work environment. Women are especially encouraged to apply.