Senior Financial Management Officer | Asian Development Bank

Senior Financial Management Officer

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is a re-advertisement. Previous applicants need not apply. Applications received in previous posting will be considered together with applications received in response to this advertisement. Job Purpose

To provide technical guidance on financial analysis and financial management due diligence related activities of SERD in close collaboration with OSFMD. To strengthen SERD staff capacity in monitoring the projects' compliance with ADB's financial management (FM), analysis and other financial due diligence requirements. To support SERD sector divisions (SDs) and resident missions (RMs) in their works with developing member countries (DMCs) in formulating and implementing FM policies and strategies.

Expected Outcomes

a. Strategy and Planning:

  • Assists in formulating articulating and implementing governance and FM policies and strategies for the overall SERD;
  • Supports SDs and RMs in developing policies and strategies for FM thematic areas in SERD DMCs;
  • Develops and implements departmental centralized guidelines and procedures for reviewing audited project financial statements (APFSs) for the executing agencies (EAs) and implementing agencies (IAs) for all SERD projects;
  • Reviews the eligibility of auditors in SERD DMCs; monitors departmental/implementation status of audit recommendations; contributes to SERD overall APFSs/Audited Entity Financial Statements (AFS) management;
  • Provide information, analyses, and advice on departmental overall APFSs/EFSs management in line with relevant ADB policies, guidelines and instructions (e.g. public communication policy, Operations Manual, Project Administration Instruction - PAI);
  • Develop SERD internal guidelines and procedures on APFSs/AFSs review and monitoring.

b. Review of APFSs/EFSs:

  • Advise project teams on APFSs/EFSs and other FM related matters;
  • Review all APFSs/EFSs for SERD projects in close cooperation with project teams;
  • Identifies APFSs/EFSs shortcomings and communicates with the project teams;
  • Provides comments and guidance to the project teams, as needed;
  • Communicates directly, or facilitates projects teams to communicate; with EAs/IAs on further actions required to respond to the shortcomings;

c. Monitoring Implementation of audit recommendations

  • Develops and continuously improves APFSs/EFSs monitoring system for overall SERD;
  • Ensures compliance with ADB's FM and other audit requirements, by reviewing, validating, monitoring and evaluating project teams' implementation status of audit recommendations;
  • Acts as one of departmental focal points for all FM and audit matters.

d. Project Document Review:

  • Reviews relevant sections of the reports and recommendations of the President (RRPs), periodic financial requests (PFRs), project/program administration manuals (PAMs), and Loan/Grant agreements, and provides quality control on project financial analysis and FM arrangements, financial evaluation, audit arrangements and FM capacity building required for the projects/programs;
  • Participates in project preparation and/or review missions to help resolve problems related to project FM, as needed.

e. Capacity building

  • Supports SDs and RMs in their endeavor to work with DMCs in formulating and implementing FM policies and strategies;
  • Supports SERD's activities in policy reforms and capacity building activities on FM, accounting and auditing as well as internal control practices of EAs/IAs;
  • Helps facilitate the understanding on ADB's project FM requirements, and strengthen capacities of SERD's project teams, the Governments and private auditors.

f. Knowledge Sharing

  • Serves as one of the FM focal points in providing policy advice of FM aspects, including in bank-wide meetings/discussions and provide guidance on FM, financial analysis and other financial due diligence issues and inputs, as needed;
  • Maintains a suitable network in the governance and FM thematic area to keep abreast of the latest development and issues;
  • Participates in and contributes to internal and external meetings, training and conferences on FM advocacy, dissemination, and knowledge buildings;
  • Assists project teams in understanding fund flow procedures with the governments and providing FM inputs to the project team leaders and members;

Core Competencies

Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

  • Applies updated advancements in own knowledge area to relevant tasks
  • Applies knowledge and practical skills to independently perform some complex tasks
  • Conveys the need to use updated project approaches

Client Orientation

  • Delivers Divisional contributions across a variety of products and services to meet the needs of different clients
  • Proposes options to clients that may better meet their needs than current approaches
  • Defines and delivers to agreed standards with clients

Achieving Results and Problem Solving

  • Conducts detailed research and analysis to determine appropriate methods for addressing the causes of issues
  • Self-monitors achievement of results according to work plans
  • Identifies different stakeholder needs and desired outcomes when planning for outcomes
  • Independently solves problems and makes recommendations

Working Together

  • Maintains collaborative relationships within the Department
  • Works effectively with diverse colleagues in own and other Divisions and Departments
  • Flexibly alters positions and adjusts previously stated points of view to support the group consensus
  • Follows through on team priorities in the absence of a team leader

Communication and Knowledge Sharing

  • Checks with audience's level of understanding and awareness of required follow up actions
  • Consistently seeks and addresses feedback on own performance
  • Creates knowledge products endorsed for wider distribution
  • Independently amends and clarifies messages and documents

Innovation and Change

  • Actively supports work improvement and/or organizational change by work and deed
  • Develops and adopts change plans to support Division initiatives on which one works
  • Considers current and future client needs in proposing ideas
  • Vocalizes early support for change
  • Recommends inputs to new policies, systems and processes in immediate work area


Education Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration; preferably with Master's degree or equivalent
  • Professional accountancy designation (CPA) with public accountancy/audit experience

Relevant Experience

Work experience

  • At least 8 years' relevant experience in private sector or public sector financial management (i.e. accountancy, auditing, banking, credit assessment) or related area, and at least 4 years of supervisory experience;

Technical knowledge

  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of Bank operational processes and procedures.
  • Effective report-writing and communication skills in English
  • Good analytical skills
  • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint; familiarity with database management tools
  • Able to exercise professional judgment

People and leadership skills

  • Able to guide Project Analysts, Administrative Staff (AS) and other staff to facilitate work planning, delivery and quality review
  • Able to work collaboratively with teams as a constructive team member.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Able to liaise and work effectively with the government officials;

Reporting Relationships

  • Supervisor: Director, SEPF and/or Senior Financial Management Specialist
  • The following staff positions may be supervised by the incumbent:
    • Administrative Staff

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