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Advisor, TD and Head, TDOT-QAU


This is a senior staff fixed-term appointment for a period of 3 years. This vacancy is open to internal and external applicants.

If the selected candidate is an external hire, the appointment may be extended for a period of up to 3 years per extension, or not renewed. In case of extension, staff may continue in the position for another term of up to 3 years, or be reassigned to any suitable position in ADB.

The same terms and conditions also apply to a selected internal candidate. In addition, if the staff selected has a regular appointment, staff will retain the regular appointment and his/her selection will be considered an assignment for an initial fixed period of 3 years. If the staff selected has a fixed term appointment, his/her appointment will cease, and he/she will be given a new fixed term appointment for an initial term of 3 years.

Fixed-term appointments or assignments are subject to Section 3 of Administrative Order (AO) 2.01 (Recruitment and Appointment) and Section 8 of AO 2.03 (Selection, Talent and Position Management) and its Appendices.

Whether the selected candidate is internal or external, and regardless of the type of appointment, any extension of staff beyond age 60 shall be subject to such terms and conditions determined by ADB, including, where relevant, those provided in Section 10 of AO 2.05 (Termination Policy) and its Appendices.

Close relatives of ADB staff, except spouses of international staff, are not eligible for recruitment and appointment to staff positions. Close relatives refer to spouse, children, mother, father, brother and sister, niece, nephew, aunt and uncle. Applicants are expected to disclose if they have any relative/s by consanguinity/blood, by adoption and/or by affinity/marriage presently employed in ADB.

Staff on probation are not eligible to apply. Applicants for promotion must have served at their position for at least one year and must have normally served at their personal level for at least two years immediately preceding the date of the vacancy closing date. Applicants for lateral transfer must have served at their position and personal level for at least one year immediately preceding the date of the vacancy closing date (reference A.O. 2.03, paragraphs 5.8 and 5.9).


Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an international development finance institution headquartered in Manila, Philippines and is composed of 68 members, 49 of which are from the Asia and Pacific region. ADB's mission is to reduce poverty and promote sustainable economic growth in the region. ADB's main instruments for helping its developing member countries are policy dialogue, loans, equity investments, guarantees, grants, and technical assistance.

ADB only hires nationals of its 68 members.

The position is assigned in the Quantitative Analysis Unit within the Treasury Department (TD). TD performs a strategic role in efficiently planning, mobilizing, and managing ADB's finances, with the view of protecting ADB's solid financial standing to enable ADB to deliver on its developmental goals. TD defines ADB's asset and liability management policies on liquidity income management, currency management, and loan pricing. It coordinates increases in ADB's general capital and raises funds in capital markets. TD also manages ADB's investment portfolio to ensure that the ADB's liquidity requirements are met at all times.

The Treasury Department Quantitative Analysis Unit (TDQA) is the focal point of ADB Treasury Department's quantitative, systems support, and analytical needs. The unit is responsible for: (i) enhancing TD's quantitative and analytical capacity; (ii) sharpening and supporting innovative and structured debt issuances and investments by ADB; and, (iii) consolidating and improving TD's information technology and data management capacity to support emerging requirements and innovations by other departments that affect treasury operations.

To view ADB Organizational Chart, please click here.

Job Purpose

The Advisor and Head is expected to complete a variety of tasks, covering all or a combination of the following functions: (i) lead the planning, implementation and supervision of the unit's objectives, goals, strategies and work plan in support of ADB's overall mission in lending and treasury operations; (ii) lead the development, enhancement, and maintenance of quantitative, analytical, and financial projection models; (iii) oversee the delivery of quantitative strategies to sharpen and support innovative and structured debt issuances and investments by ADB; (iv) lead the implementation, maintenance and improvement of TD's information technology capacity in collaboration with the Office of Information Systems and Technology.

The incumbent will report to the Treasurer and will supervise International Staff, National Staff, and Administrative Staff.


a. Leadership and Strategic Management

  • Lead and cascade the division's objectives, goals, development strategies and key result areas (KRAs) in support of ADB's overall mission, departmental goals and in compliance with ADB policies.

  • Lead the planning, implementation and supervision of work plans as well as monitor the quality of output and the achievement of long-term goals and annual objectives for the division.

  • Provide strong leadership in professional and operational matters, contributing new and best practice approaches in developing quantitative strategic frameworks for financial projection modelling, and derivatives financing and valuation.

  • Lead contributing new or innovative approaches in the use of Information Technology (IT) applications to streamline business processes for efficiency and strengthen internal controls.

  • Lead in developing annual strategic and business plans for benchmarking the unit's targets and accomplishments. Lead and identify key priority areas of the unit.

b. Development, Enhancement, and Maintenance of Financial Projection Models

c. Delivery of Quantitative Strategies to Sharpen and Support Innovative and Structured Debt Issuances and Investments by ADB

  • Oversee the delivery of strategic support to new funding opportunities through innovative transactions and structured products in various bond markets, including the execution of borrowings and swaps, and ensure that cost-efficiencies and strategic objectives achievable in those markets are consistent with ADB's borrowing program.

  • Support the price quantification of funding transactions by analyzing the terms and conditions of complex derivatives.

  • Oversee the analysis of the terms and conditions of the Credit Support Annex (CSA) and evaluate the impact on derivatives and relevant swap intermediation charges and mitigating factors.

  • Lead the analysis and evaluation of structured product and derivatives related risks, valuation, pricing, including XVA analysis.

  • Oversee the administration of technological developments using various mathematical models and computer applications for the funding and investment teams in Treasury Department. Lead the implementation of asset performance analytics including strategic asset allocation, and benchmark management including identifying, constructing, testing, and maintaining the benchmarks. Oversee the validation of output from the systems and models.

d. Strategy, Maintenance, and Improvement of TD's Information Technology and Data Management Capacity

  • Provide strategic leadership on planning for TD's platforms, system applications, process streamlining, and data management in line with organizational objectives and ADB-wide IT strategy and governance.

  • Lead the development and implementation of new IT applications, including two TD sponsored projects in Digital Agenda, in collaboration with the Office of Information Systems and Technology (OIST).

  • Ensure availability of systems to support emerging requirements and new initiatives that impact treasury operations, such as LIBOR replacement and IT Blueprint project implementation.

  • Oversee the management and upgrades of existing treasury platforms and systems used by TD, in collaboration with OIST.

  • Support the development and integration of interconnected systems/models as well as data planning within TD, CTL, and ORM departments;

  • Oversee management and integrity of market data inventories from external data providers,

  • Ensure the uninterrupted availability of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) for ADB's electronic funds transfers, in coordination with OIST.

  • Provide strategic direction on the SWIFT infrastructure and message standard changes, including the upcoming migration to ISO20022 message standards.

  • Facilitate innovation and provide system and application support to automate and streamline business processes.

Staff Supervision

  • Create and lead multidisciplinary teams and ensure the overall quality of its work.
  • Manage the performance of teams and individuals providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.

  • Undertake the performance management of the division, including motivation of staff.


Relevant Experience and Requirements

  • Master's Degree, or equivalent, in Business Administration, Finance, or related fields; or University degree combined with specialized experience in similar organization may be considered in lieu of Master's degree
  • Minimum of 15 years of relevant professional experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English is required

  • Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level

  • Proven management and leadership qualities

  • International experience working in several countries

  • Please refer to the link for ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7-8.

  • General Considerations

    ADB offers competitive remuneration and a comprehensive benefits package. Actual appointment salary will be based on ADB's standards and computation, taking into account the selected individual's qualifications and experience.

    ADB seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities to work in an inclusive environment. ADB encourages all qualified candidates to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. Women are highly encouraged to apply.

    Please note that the actual level and salary will be based on qualifications of the selected candidate.