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Intern - Office of the Head, OAI - 2009

1. INTERNSHIP TOPIC:"Review of how ADB's Anticorruption Policy (1998, as amended to date) and the Integrity Principles and Guidelines (2015, as amended from time to time) (IPG) have been cascaded to or reflected in ADB's rules, regulations, contracts and other standard forms."

2. SUMMARY OF JOB DESCRIPTION:(i) Policy mapping

A. assist OAI in the review of how ADB's Anticorruption Policy and the IPG are reflected in the following:

o Operations Manual (OM)o Administrative Orders (AOs)o Project Administration Instructions (PAIs)o Staff Instructions (SIs)o Guidance Noteso Standard Bidding Documents (SBD)o Standard contracts with borrowers, winning bidders, staff, consultants, contractors and other counterpartieso Other relevant ADB rules and documents

B. identify gaps and recommend changes or appropriate action to ensure consistency across ADB's rules, regulations, contracts and other standard forms and ensure compliance with ADB's Anticorruption Policy and the IPG;

C. conduct research on relevant policies, rules and practices of other multilateral development banks;

D. as may be assigned, conduct other research work and assist in OAI's other review initiatives, such as changes to investigative and sanctions procedures.

(ii) Knowledge sharing and capacity building

  • organize and contribute to relevant OAI learning events and other activities for advocacy, dissemination and knowledge building, as appropriate;
  • provide inputs to OAI outreach activities.


  • Duration: 26 weeks
  • Timing: January 2020

NOTE:ADB provides a stipend of 69 USD per day for a maximum of 56 calendar days only. Interns may choose to continue work beyond 56 calendar days in agreement with the designated supervisors, but without stipend.

4. LOCATION: ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines

5. EXPECTED OUTCOMES:(i) Research Study summarizing the review, findings, and analysis.(ii) Knowledge sharing event in OAI to present key findings of the research.


6. EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS:Masters/PhD candidate in Public Policy, Public Administration, Law, Governance, Anticorruption, Procurement, Financial Management or related fields.


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English, including the ability to clearly and concisely prepare, present, discuss issues, findings, and recommendations.
  • Demonstrated teamwork (works effectively with diverse colleagues in own unit and other divisions and departments).
  • Demonstrated facilitation and knowledge sharing skills; builds networks with others for the effective communication and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:Upload the following documents in the “Attachments” section of your application:1. Curriculum vitae (CV)2. Proof of enrollment to a Masters or PhD program. Inclusive dates should confirm that you will be enrolled during the intended period of assignment.3. Essay in MS WORD or PDF document, maximum of 1500 words per question. (Please see essay questions below)

ESSAY QUESTIONS:(1) Describe one example of your experience that demonstrated your interest in working in ADB. (2) Highlight your qualifications that will help accomplish this internship assignment (e.g., coursework, research, work experience, etc.).