Senior Ethics and Conduct Officer

Job Vacancy | Sunday, January 15, 2023


Staff on probation are not eligible to apply. Applicants for promotion must have served at their position for at least one year and must have normally served at their personal level for at least two years immediately preceding the date of the vacancy closing date. Applicants for lateral transfer must have served at their position and personal level for at least one year immediately preceding the date of the vacancy closing date (reference A.O. 2.03, paragraphs 5.8 and 5.9).

In the event that the staff appointed to a new category (i.e. from AS to NS, or from NS to IS) is rated at 2 or lower in the first two performance reviews after appointment at the new level, they will return to the level occupied immediately prior to their appointment in the new category.


Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an international development finance institution headquartered in Manila, Philippines and is composed of 68 members, 49 of which are from the Asia and Pacific region. ADB is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. ADB combines finance, knowledge, and partnerships to fulfill its expanded vision under its Strategy 2030.

The position is assigned in the Office of Professional Ethics and Conduct (OPEC). The OPEC is established to (i) develop and deliver awareness raising and training on professional ethics and conduct in the workplace; (ii) provide advice to Management and staff on the application of the ADB Code of Conduct; and (iii) contribute to the resolution of workplace concerns. The OPEC will support an enabling environment for a positive and professional work environment of dignity and mutual respect (regardless of hierarchical role or rank), both at headquarters and in the field, and contribute to the resolution of concerns about workplace conduct in a constructive and timely manner.

Job Purpose

The Senior Ethics and Conduct Officer supports the OPEC in achieving its key result areas by providing advisory services, analytical and documentation support. The incumbent will report to the Director, OPEC and will supervise Administrative Staff.


a. Training and Awareness Raising

  • Supports the development and roll-out of trainings and capacity building programs, including mandatory training programs for both new and current ADB staff members and consultants on professional conduct.
  • Supports the development and implementation of tools for promoting and enhancing professional conduct (e.g., communications strategies).
  • Participates in and contributes substantively to relevant internal and external training and conferences and other activities for advocacy, dissemination, and knowledge building.

b. Individual Advice on the Application of the Code of Conduct

  • Supports the provision of advisory services relating to ADB’s Code of Conduct and related policies and procedures.
  • Contributes substantively in providing guidance to staff and other persons covered by the Code of Conduct (Covered Persons) in understanding their obligations in practice, and to apply these rules to their individual situations.
  • Provides advice and support in connection with ADB’s clearance procedures for certain activities, as provided for under the Code, (e.g. gifts, external activities, public statements), in coordination with the relevant departments.

c. Workplace Resolutions

  • Supports OPEC in its workplace resolutions functions, including the following:

o Receives Covered Persons who have concerns about the workplace and helps them assess the issue and determine the most appropriate method for resolution.
o Provides guidance on the different workplace resolution options available to them and what to expect from these options.
o Obtains the involvement of relevant parties to promote a resolution. This may include colleagues, supervisors, Head of Department, Budget, People, and Management Systems Department (BPMSD), Office of the Ombudsperson (OOMP), or mediation
o Refers all concerns relating to integrity violations to the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI).
o Refers concerns relating to misconduct other than integrity violations (i.e., other misconduct) to OAI for investigation if the OPEC determines that an investigation is warranted.

  • Supports the monitoring of reported workplace concerns to determine if the situation has improved or if other resolution mechanisms must be initiated.
  • Contributes to the development of procedures for the handling and processing of workplace concerns with due regard to confidentiality commensurate with the functions of the OPEC.

d. Policy Review

  • Supports the OPEC in evaluating the effectiveness of existing policies, procedures, controls, and systems for enforcing accountability and mitigating risks among ADB staff members, in the area of professional conduct.
  • Contributes in the preparation of reports on OPEC operations.
  • Gathers and analyzes statistical data on cases and concerns brought to the OPEC.
  • Provides substantive inputs on potential modifications and improvements to ADB’s Code of Conduct, and other policies and systems related to professional conduct.

e. Staff Supervision

  • Supervises the performance of reporting staff, providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.
  • Ensures the on-going learning and development of reporting staff.

f. Others

  • Performs other tasks as assigned and reflected in the incumbent’s workplan.


Relevant Experience & Requirements

  • Master’s degree or equivalent, in ethics, law, corporate governance, human resources or other related fields; or Bachelor’s degree in ethics, law, corporate governance, human resources or other related fields and at least 5 years specialized experience relevant to the position can be considered
  • Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level.
  • At least 12 years of relevant professional work experience demonstrating progression of responsibilities in the areas of conflict resolution, organizational management, development and ethics, corporate responsibility and/or corporate governance, employment law, human resources or other fields that demonstrate application of analytical skills with sound judgment; and at least 7 years of supervisory experience.
  • Experience in constructive handling of concerns relating to bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and/or retaliation.
  • Ability to perform under pressure and interact with other with the utmost diplomatic and professional manner at all times.
  • Ability to balance multiple work priorities effectively and adapt priorities in any environment.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Strong emotional intelligence with excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to exercise sound and independent judgment, prudence and maturity in complex and sensitive cases.
  • Ability to work with discretion in handling sensitive and confidential matters.
  • Please refer to the link for ADB Competency Framework for NS6.

General Considerations

The selected candidate, if new to ADB, is appointed for an initial term of 3 years.

ADB offers competitive remuneration and a comprehensive benefits package. Actual appointment salary will be based on ADB’s standards and computation, taking into account the selected individual’s qualifications and experience.

ADB seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities to work in an inclusive environment. ADB encourages all qualified candidates to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. Women are highly encouraged to apply.

Please note that the actual level and salary will be based on qualifications of the selected candidate.