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  • 13 Oct 2021 | Books

    COVID-19 Impacts and Policy Options: An Asian Perspective

    COVID-19 economic recovery can be advanced by greater efforts to boost longer-term resilience and sustainability in Asia and the Pacific.

  • 17 Nov 2020 | Books

    Macroeconomic Stabilization in the Digital Age

    Policy makers need to be aware of the increasing prominence of the digital economy and digital finance and seek to better understand how continued digitalization will affect policies aimed at managing the economy.

  • 13 Oct 2020 | Books

    Climate Change and Sovereign Risk

    Governments must climate-proof their economies and public finances or potentially face an ever-worsening spiral of climate vulnerability and unsustainable debt burdens.

  • 29 Oct 2020 | ADBI Video

    Report on Climate Change and Sovereign Risk Explained

    Climate Change and Sovereign Risk describes how climate change could significantly impact sovereign risk and fiscal sustainability in Southeast Asia and other highly climate vulnerable areas and offers policy recommendations.