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Maria Rowena Cham

Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD)


  • 17 Nov 2015 | Papers and Briefs | Economics Working Papers

    Developing Myanmar’s Information and Communication Technology Sector toward Inclusive Growth

    Myanmar is expected to grow at least 6.8% per year in the coming years. Accompanying this growth will be an increase in demand for infrastructure services, including ICT-related services, both for consumption and production uses.

  • 29 Oct 2015 | Papers and Briefs | Economics Working Papers

    Power Sector Development in Myanmar

    With the electricity consumption expected to grow in emerging economies such as Myanmar, it is important that the government prioritize its stable, efficient, and affordable supply.

  • 30 Jun 2004 | Reports

    Economic Analysis Retrospective: 2003 Update

    Economic Analysis Retrospectives present an assessment of how well economic analysis is applied in the identification and development of ADB-financed projects and programs.