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Ben Coghlan

Ben Coghlan

Senior Health Specialist (Health Security)
Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

Dr. Ben Coghlan is a public health physician and medical epidemiologist focusing on strengthening health systems to address major public health challenges in Asia and the Pacific including COVID-19, climate and environmental change, ageing and non-communicable diseases, the digital transformation of health care, and achieving universal health coverage.

Ben has 17 years of experience in Asia and the Pacific working on complex health threats such as emerging infectious disease, antimicrobial resistance, and undernutrition. He was an early proponent of One Health approaches to engage multiple disciplines to protect and improve the health of people, animals and the environment. Prior to his time at ADB, Ben was the Director of Health Security at the Burnet Institute in Australia and consulted widely for UN agencies and NGOs. He received his medical degree from the University of Melbourne, and holds master’s degrees in Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Field Epidemiology.