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Warren Evans

Warren Evans

Special Senior Advisor (Climate Change)
Asian Development Bank

Warren Evans is the Special Senior Advisor (Climate Change), Office of the President at the Asian Development Bank.

Acting as ADB’s climate envoy, Warren provides broad oversight and guidance for ADB’s climate operations, including optimizing climate finance scale and impact, mobilizing new and additional technical and financial resources, strengthening ADB’s external climate partnerships and engagement with international climate agreements and initiatives, and reinforcing capacity development for climate change operations.

Warren has more than 40 years of experience with various multilateral development banks, private organizations, and other international organizations, including ADB and the World Bank, where he helped establish the Climate Investment Funds.

A national of the United States, he holds a Doctorate degree in Cleaner Production and Climate Change Policy from Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, a Master’s degree in Environmental Health Engineering from the University of Kansas, and a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology from Kansas State University.

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