Herbert Fabian

Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC)


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    Walkability and Pedestrian Facilities in Asian Cities State and Issues

    Asian cities, traditionally cities of walkers, are now experiencing exponential increase in motorization, which has limited the attention given to pedestrian and public transport facilities. A change in focus that will allow people, not vehicles, to reclaim the urban environment is required. The study provides information on the current pedestrian infrastructure in selected cities that can be used to develop and propose pedestrian-focused solutions for Asian cities.

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    Transport and Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Forecasts, Options Analysis, and Evaluation

    This report provides a discussion on the relevance of measuring greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as air pollution from the transport sector from various methodologies and using the activity-structure-intensity-fuel (ASIF) type model. It aims to guide authorities and researchers in Asia in measuring O2emissions, as well as air pollutants from the urban transport sector. It also provides a discussion on the key parameters needed to be routinely collected by authorities to come up with an accurate estimate of the emissions.