Kavita Iyengar

Senior Regional Cooperation Officer
India Resident Mission (INRM)


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    Developing Multimodal Logistics Parks in India

    This publication discusses the potential of multimodal logistics parks (MMLPs) to support supply chains in India. It also presents findings of studies on the feasibility of MMLPs in Bengaluru and Guwahati.

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    The Industrial Park Rating System in India

    This brief provides an overview of the Industrial Park Rating System (IPRS) as a tool to evaluate and support industrial development in India.


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    Developing Economic Corridors in South Asia

    South Asia needs to create more than 12 million jobs every year for sustained growth, and economic corridors which capitalize on efficient transport networks are an important means to strengthen the manufacturing sector and create jobs.

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    Deepening Economic Cooperation between India and Sri Lanka

    Over the past decade, the bilateral trade between India and Sri Lanka has increased steadily under the India–Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement.