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ByeongJo Kong

ByeongJo Kong

Digital Technology Specialist (Data Analytics and Big Data)
Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

ByeongJo Kong is a Digital Technology Specialist in ADB’s Digital Technology for Development Unit. Jo provides support in the development and implementation of ADB-wide data analytics and big data programs. He is also responsible for supporting the DMC governments' efforts to implement data analytics and big data initiatives in development projects.

Before joining ADB, Jo worked as a Machine Learning Engineer for AI startups in the US and Republic of Korea, and a research member at MIT Computer Science and AI Lab for over 3 years, where he developed Language AI systems and performed research on applications of AI in education. He also worked for UN-ESCAP/APCICT for more than 8 years where he was responsible for managing the distance education program of the Centre.

A Korean national, Jo has a dual master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Engineering Management from MIT, USA and a dual bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and Global Management from Kyunghee University, Korea.