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Martin Lemoine

Martin Lemoine

Principal Investment Specialist and Head, Agribusiness Investment Team
Private Sector Operations Department

As the Unit Head, Agribusiness Investment Team, Private Sector Operations Department, Mr. Martin Lemoine oversees the Bank’s agribusiness investments and leads a team of 15 bankers and analysts in delivering $150 million to $200 million investments every year.

Mr. Lemoine joined ADB in 2009 and held several positions: Investment Specialist, Private Sector Infrastructure Finance Division 1, Private Sector Operations Department; Senior Investment Specialist and Principal Investment Specialist in the same department. Mr. Lemoine builds ADB’s agribusiness portfolio of around $670 million including companies involved in agricultural input distribution, greenhouse farming, livestock farming, food and beverage processing and distribution, and creating positive impacts to 8 million smallholder farmers in 22 developing countries of Asia and the Pacific.

Mr. Lemoine holds a master’s in business administration from the Wharton School (Palmer Scholar), and a masters from Essec and Sciences Po.