Manmohan Parkash

Country Director, Bangladesh Resident Mission
Bangladesh Resident Mission


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    Using Economic Instruments to Promote Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in the People's Republic of China

    ADB supported research emphasizing the growing importance of environmentally sustainable transport, which focuses on vehicle and fuel technology, infrastructure, and changes in transport activity and management.

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    Building Railways in the People's Republic of China: Changing Lives

    The report highlights key initiatives developed by ADB for managing railway development. It concludes that railway development stimulates balanced economic growth and help change the lives of the people in the region that it serves.

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    Connecting Central Asia: A Road Map for Regional Cooperation

    This report documents the status of the road and rail transport in the region, discusses the key regional transport issues, and explores possible options to resolve these issues. An action plan with investment needs is presented in this report to reflect on the urgent priorities requiring attention in the region. The report concludes with an overview of ADB's role and a road map supported by ADB to develop an efficient and sustainable regional transport in Central Asia.